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Chinese aluminium window machinery manufacturer

January20/ 2015

Chinese aluminium window machinery manufacturer

The chinese company JINAN DEGA MACHINE. DECALUMA was founded in 2006, offering products that include a wide range of machine for manufacturing aluminum window door & curtain wall, single and double head sawing machines, machines and equipment for working and assembling aluminium and PVC window frames.

Deculama started as a small operation as so many chinese companies, but now they are on of the leading premium supplier in the segment of profile & curtain wall machining for a vast array of different requirements and materials in the chinese market.

DECALUMA is a customer-oriented company, they are always just around the corner from you to help you choose a good machine, such as: chinese¬ cnc machining centre, chinese aluminum cutting machine, chinese aluminum hole punching machine, chinese corner key cutting saw, chinese aluminum profile drilling machine, chinese corner crimping machine, chinese end milling machine, chinese aluminum profile bending machine, chinese copy router and thermal break machine and so on.

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