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January27/ 2015


The german machine manufacturer Elumatec is a global player with the highest quality standart in the world wide market. Elumatec is a very old company with a big experience. Elumatec was founded in Mühlacker, near Stuttgart, in 1928. At first we produced sand-cast parts; woodworking machines came later. In the 60s we focused consistently on profile machining for various materials, and with great success.

The company Elumatec is a global player, innovation and quality leader in the manufacture of machines for processing aluminium, PVC and steel profiles, with a range of over 125 products which meets every possible requirement. Modular machine designs allow flexible and customised solutions for all sectors and company sizes, from craftsman’s enterprises to industrial profile machining operations.

Over 35,000 customers worldwide, impressive references, more than 5,000 profile machining centres and consolidated sales of approximately 130 million euros show what we can do.

But if there’s one thing Elumatec can be particularly proud of, it’s this: despite the success of Elumatec in growing from a small craftsman’s enterprise into a global business, Elumatec is remained a friendly, down-to-earth company which exemplifies the values of SME businesses, such as quality, flexibility, personality, reliability and proximity to customers.

As a result with around 700 employees and subsidiaries and dealers in over 50 countries, Elumatec presence covers the globe. If the worst comes to the worst, one of Elumatec his team of over 150 service experts will be with you quickly on site, and our guaranteed supply of spare parts for ten or more years ensures a high level of production reliability.

Elumatec is committed and passionate about developing the perfect solutions for you. Get to know Elumatec as a partner who will meet your requirements to the letter –  If you want to protect your investment, Elumatec machines can be given as heritage to the grandson and they will work with the best conditions without any problem. A real german high quality manufacturer.

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