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Urban Maschinenbau

January26/ 2015

For more than six decades Urban produce and service production lines and manufacturing equipment  for your window production.

Each part has the URBAN quality guarantee, starting from a solid main base, operator friendly control units up to complete production lines. Urban  produce reliable and powerful machinery . Urban is one of the best machine manufacturers in the world, maybe also in the top. Urban is a german company, even the dead machines from 1960 can work until to this time. German machine manufacturing with the highest quality standarts can be given from Urban very easy.

The company Urban has one of the oldest and best experience in the aluminium machine sector. Urban is one of the first windows machinery manufacturer in the world. In order to maintain this well-proven URBAN quality in the future as well, we especially take care of your requirements and work together with you before, during and after the planning and production phase. This allows us to offer  solid, innovative and efficient production solutions.

  • Toan Nguyen Reply
    5 years ago

    Awesome clip.

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