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Fom Industrie Machine

January22/ 2015

Fom Industrie aluminium machine

Fom Industrie srl company was born in 1972 from the entrepreneurial intuition of Mr Gianfranco Pettinari and Mr. Franco Sparaventi who shared the vision of high technical solutions applied to the market of windows and doors manufacturing. Mr. Nello Andreani and Lorenzo Paci joined the company after few years contributing heavily to his development.

Today From Industrie srl is leading a growing group of 7 companies, with 10 branches and 35 dedicated dealers covering the global market.

Fom Industrie srl, leading manufacturer of aluminum working machinery, is able to deliver an outstanding and exhaustive range of high end technological products such as AL automatic working cutting lines, AL thermal break lines, CNC machining center, double and single head sawing machines and traditional machines. As a result Fom Industrie is one of the best machine manufacturer in the world.

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    5 years ago

    Looks very promising.

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