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Kaban machine pvc window machinery from Turkey

January22/ 2015

I pulled out all the stops to serve to my country and humanity and to create employement since the foundation of Kaban Makina Sanayi Ticaret in 1986. Founded on an area of 20 squaremeters, Kaban Makina has become a company that has been producing with high technology automation lines in a 30.000 squaremeter area reached international leadership in the sector today. When we started off, I believed in the idea of “doing the job correctly and completely” and depending on this I was confident that we would grow and develop. These have become a “Kaban Tradition” rising from the strong foundations of honesty, loyalty and stability, which have been passed down from the accumulation of years to tomorrow. We continue our production activities which started with hydraulic cylinders, lathe, milling works and now we have a production capacity of 5,000 machines per year and 50 different machine types are exported to more than 100 countries. A new success chart is waiting us that we will draw with high quality, easily accessible products, solutions and services shaped by our R & D studies. The source and the target of these successes will be the satisfaction of our valuable customers and employees.


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