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Automatic aluminium cutting machine

January22/ 2015

Aluminium cutting machine or an manual cutting machine? What is better? Aluminium profiles are a hard material and it is a metal, instead of a plastic profile like pvc. The material of upvc profiles are coming from petroleum. By cutting aluminium profiles you need lesser theets of the sawblades, for example by a cutting saw of 400 mm or 450 mm it will be enough if the sawblade has 86 theets or lesser. By cutting upvc profiles you need to have minimum 120 theets with a negative position.

We recommending always manual processing machines for the aluminiumworking process.

The first process by manufacturing doors and windows are always the cutting process of the 6 metre long aluminium profiles. Hereby this first step is the most importent one, otherwise if you make the first step in a wrong way the following steps will have also a mistake. First of all if you have a sawblade with an balance run out problem you will have tolerances between 0.1 mm until to 2 mm. When your aluminium cutting machine has a mechanical mistake so this mistake will increase and the corners of the aluminium windows and doors will look miserable.

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