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How to manufacture aluminium window door?

January20/ 2015

How to manufacture aluminium window and door?

First of all you need a aluminium profile manufacturing line with portable manual machines, which runs by hand and without an compressor for basic or hobby manufacturers.

Or you need a single head processing machine line for small budget manufacturers. More professional it will be to start directly with double head processing machines or a lever higher, with full automation CNC lines.

We recommend to start with the single head or double head cutting saw machines with an lubricate oil spray system and hydro pneumatic movement for the beginning and regarding the projects you will become from your customers, you can expand in your business to CNC full automation machines. You need a cutting saw machine for cutting the aluminium profiles and a corner crimping machine to make a quadrat and fix the corners of the aluminium profiles in eachother.

You can do this process also with a basic electrical hand screwdriver and for this process you can use screws without an crimping machine. If you want to work faster, you need a automatic corner crimping machine. Which must be run by a professional operator. As next a copy router machine with an oil lubricate spray system for the drilling will be enough to open canals and holes for the accessory of the door systems you want to manufacture.

The oil for the lubricate spray system must be bor oil with water mixed. As an result hereby you can use the sawblades and drills or cutters for a longer time by using the lubricate spray system for the cutting tools. At last a end milling machine for the end mullion process is needed and vuala your manufacturing line is ready to manufacture aluminium window or door. For the automatic machines you need a compressor with 5.5 HP or 7.5HP and a 500 litre air compressor which includes and air and water filter with a drying system, otherwise water can go inside of the compressor tank and this can damage the machines.

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